Bed Bug Heat Remediation


Don’t let Bed Bugs make you panic or get overwhelmed. Finding bed bugs in your home does not mean you or your home are “dirty”. Bed bugs are hitchhikers and can easily be picked up from hotels, dorms, or even just by brushing against someone in passing. Unfortunately, it is nearly impossible to rid your home of them on your own. They will quickly infest everything you own if you don’t eradicate them as soon as they are discovered. They will invade your sheets, pillows, mattress, clothes, and anything else they can get to. They are attracted to the carbon dioxide we breathe out as we sleep. So, naturally, they tend to infest our beds first, leaving blood and fecal stains on your sheets and mattress as well as itching welts on you during the night. This gives them the name bed bugs.

Chemical treatments can help but in most instances do not completely rid your home of bed bugs. Although it kills the bugs, it can fail to properly kill the eggs which means that they can come right back to re-infest your home later. Our bed bug heat remediation is a one-time solution that will get rid of your bed bug problem.


Heat Remediation Process

Once you and your family are safely out of the home, our technicians can begin. HomeMasters has a North Carolina certified and trained technicians that will prepare the home for treatment. Our technicians set up thermal sensors, monitoring equipment, wireless digital thermometers, and fans in every affected room to distribute the heat properly. According to university research, 120º Fahrenheit is the temperature needed to affectively kill bed bug adults, nymph and eggs. To ensure that all bugs are eliminated, the temperature should remain at that temperature for three hours. We monitor the temperature throughout this process using our state-of-the-art monitoring equipment and sensors to ensure the heat is evenly distributed throughout and avoiding any cooler air pockets for the bed bugs to hide in.


Our Heat Treatment Process

  • The affected rooms are prepared by our NC certified technicians.
  • The temperature of the infested rooms is raised to 120º or above for 3 hours.
  • Temperature is regularly monitored in real time to ensure even heat distribution.
  • A residual chemical is applied to the room
  • The home is then ready for occupancy the same day!


Heat Remediation Benefits

  • Latest technology to rid your home of Bed Bugs
  • Computer monitored sensors to ensure accurate heating
  • Print out of all sensors in treated rooms provided to clients (if requested)
  • Less preparation for our customers than with chemical treatment
  • Same day occupancy after service
  • *30 day guaranteed service
  • NC certified technicians
  • Scheduling priority for present clients
  • We use the very best heating equipment made by Green Tech
  • A liquid perimeter treatment is included (if requested)

*30 day guaranteed service is valid only if whole home is treated.